​'Peep Show' Is Getting a U.S. Remake with Female Leads

​'Peep Show' Is Getting a U.S. Remake with Female Leads
In the ongoing tradition of U.S. TV execs reinterpreting U.K. classics, Peep Show is lined up for an American remake (again).
The original featured David Mitchell and Robert Webb as dysfunctional roommates, who let the audience into their inner thoughts with frequent voiceovers. The U.S. reboot, however, will flip the series' gaze by casting the lead roles as women when it eventually arrives on Starz.
Peep Show co-creator Sam Bain is in talks with FX about a U.S. remake written by Karey Dornetto (Community, Portlandia), news that was revealed when he penned an op-ed for The Guardian about the necessity of diversity in film and television over the weekend.
He reflected on his past work, admitting regret that Olivia Colman's role in Peep Show had initially "been sketched out pretty thinly as Mark's love interest," and sharing the lessons learned from working with the female-strong cast of U.K. teen dramedy Fresh Meat.
"When I was starting out 25 years ago, I don't think I had the confidence to write women as leads," Bain wrote. "It just seemed natural, as a man, to write men. When facing down the terror of the blank page, it felt safer to write about 'the default sex,' the one I have experience of — men. I had a fear‑based resistance to making a woman the centre of a story."
After praising "well-rounded" female characters in comedies (especially ones that are "arrogant or stupid or selfish or, ideally, all of the above"), Bain concluded that the best way to build gender inclusivity into films and shows is to have women write them.
Passing the Peep Show torch onto Dornetto, he concluded, "I can't wait to find out what sick and twisted bullshit goes on inside the minds of a pair of female losers."
Here's hoping they don't forget to include a female Super Hans.
The original Peep Show aired from 2003 to 2015. At this point, no premiere date has been set for the American reboot to air.