Liturgy Announce 'Origin of the Alimonies' Album, Share "Lonely OIOION"

Liturgy Announce 'Origin of the Alimonies' Album, Share 'Lonely OIOION'
Liturgy released their excellent H.A.Q.Q. LP last year, and now the project is set to return with another new LP.

Called Origin of the Alimonies, the album is yet another high-concept work that takes the idea of black metal and pushes it to various limits. According to a press release, the album fuses "black metal, minimalism, experimental club music, and 19th century romanticism to new extremes" while "exploring microtonality, free improvisation, polymetric structures and Richard Wagner's ideas of musikdrama and leitmotif."

Thematically, too, the release breaks new ground as frontwoman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix's first material since affirming her gender as a trans woman. A press release explains that the album sees her "addressing anger and struggles around mental health, sexuality and religion."

The release continues, "In part a reflection on Liturgy's uniquely controversial career, it attempts to render the spirit of a cultural era whose basic fabric is unravelling, and to generate an energy of prophecy and love in the name of what is to come."

It's all very epic sounding, and that comes through loud and clear on the first track "Lonely OIOION," which can be streamed below alongside a trailer for the album. 

Origin of the Alimonies arrives on November 20 via Liturgy's own YLYLCYN imprint. 

Origin of the Alimonies:

1. The Seperation of HAQQ from HAEL
2. OIOION's Birth
3. Lonely OIOION
4. The Fall of SHIEYMN
5. SIHEYMN's Lament
6. Apparition of the Eternal Church
7. The Armistice

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