Watch Mav Karlo Take a Wild Journey in His "Strangers Like Us" Video

Watch Mav Karlo Take a Wild Journey in His 'Strangers Like Us' Video
Mav Karlo — otherwise known as Hollerado frontman Menno Versteeg — recently gave us his solo effort Strangers Like Us. Now, he's throwing some more weight behind the record with a new animated video for its title track.

The clip was directed and animated by Anne Douris, and it's quite the trip. As a press release explains, "It's a perfect example of Versteeg's poetic lyricism as he tells the story of a couple falling out of sync, finding themselves at sea from their once rock-solid foundation."

Versteeg went on to explain that the story of "Strangers Like Us" is as old as time, saying: "This song has been written a million times before and will continue be written by cockroaches and jellyfish, long after humans are extinct."

Watch the "Strangers Like Us" video below.

As previously reported, today also marks the start of his socially distanced solo tour of the Atlantic Canadian bubble. You can see all the upcoming dates here.